Wednesday, 30 Jul, 2014
<a href=""><b>Gaza: airstrike kills at least 16, wounds dozens (VIDEO 18+)</b></a><p>Footage filmed soon after an Israeli airstrike on a shopping area in Gaza shows devastation at the scene and victims being rushed to hospital. Warning: this video contains distressing scenes,</p> <a href=""><b>Israel-Hamas war in social media</b></a><p>Both sides are fighting a war on public opinion thanks to social media. Both sides, Israel and Hamas, are fighting a war in the battle field and a war in</p> <a href=""><b>Terrorists halted Yemen’s oil exports</b></a><p>Armed men blew up Yemen’s main oil export pipeline. Crude oil flows were halted.</p> <a href=""><b>Greece evacuates diplomats from Libya</b></a><p>The Greek government announced diplomats’ evacuation from the Greek embassy in Tripoli, Libya.</p> <a href=""><b>At least 75 bodies found in Libya’s Benghazi after conflicts</b></a><p>At least 75 bodies, mostly soldiers, have been found in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi after two days of fighting in which Islamist fighters and allied militiamen overran an</p> <a href=""><b>AFA’s Julio Grondona dies</b></a><p>The president of the Association of Argentine Football (AFA) got sick today’s early morning at his home. Julio Humberto Grondona was reported dead at around 1pm.The 82-year-old AFA boss had</p> <a href=""><b>Reckless UK bankers face 7-year bonus clawback</b></a><p>Miscreant bankers face having their bonuses clawed back for up to seven years after their award under measures set out on Wednesday by the Bank of England, as it tightens its regulatory clampdown on wrongdoing in the financial sector.</p> <a href=""><b>Ukraine asserts that rebels placeed mines near MH17 site</b></a><p>  International investigators’ quest to carry out their duties at the crash site of the downed Malaysian airliner hit another roadblock Wednesday, as Ukrainian officials warned of possible land mines</p> <a href=""><b>Moscow fights back after EU, US sanctions</b></a><p>Russia fought back on Wednesday over new U.S. and EU sanctions imposed over Ukraine, where fighting between Moscow-backed rebels and government troops has intensified since a Malaysian airliner was shot</p> <a href=""><b>ISIL army of women</b></a><p>The “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” announced the formation of a military brigade, consisted by women, to impose and supervise the implementation of Sharia in the occupied areas.</p>
Photo of the Day
An approaching storm looms over the French riviera city of Nice, southeastern France, 30/7/2014